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'''William Tufnell Le Queux''' (2 July 1864 - 13 October 1927) was an Anglo-French journalist and writer. He was also a diplomat (honorary consul for San Marino), a traveller (in Europe, the Balkans and North Africa), a flying buff who officiated at the first British air meeting at Doncaster in 1909, and a wireless pioneer who broadcast music from his own station long before radio was generally available; his claims regarding his own abilities and exploits, however, were usually exaggerated. His best-known works are the Francophobia|anti-French and Russophobia|anti-Russian invasion fantasy ''The Great War in England in 1897'' (1894) and the Anti-German sentiment|anti-German invasion fantasy ''The Invasion of 1910'' (1906), the latter of which was a phenomenal bestseller.
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Birth placeLondon
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Death placeKnokke, Belgium
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